Project Planning


Every construction project starts with a vision and a budget.

From concept development to structural, mechanical and electrical design, a Sprouse House is thoughtfully planned and carefully crafted with your budget in mind.  We don’t wait to determine costs until after you’ve designed your home.  We help you design within your means. 

We give you the information you need to make the decisions you must. 

We create a comprehensive cost estimate including detailed specifications, bids and allowances as we develop ideas… and we share it with you!  Unlike other builders that may seek to maximize hidden margins, we aim to be completely transparent of actual costs.

No hidden fees. No cutting corners. No exorbitant change orders.  We share all of the figures to help guide the best use of available resources,  If our clients are knowledgeable and understanding of their immediate, upcoming and relative cost considerations, we believe they can make the best decisions in their own best interest.  And we make sure your best interests and ours are always aligned.

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