Pools & Landscapes


Summer swims take many forms, from kids splashing in the shallow end to divers showing their skill on the diving board.  All are rejuvenating and a welcome respite from the heat.  Many of our homes feature not just pools, but patios, pergolas, and pavilions that provide ample shade and space for lounging before or after a relaxing swim.

From minimalist modern swimming pool designs to more formal, elaborate styles, Sprouse House can create a sophisticated pool and outdoor living area to complement your home and landscape rather than compete with it.

We plan for all the details.  Will your pool area have full sun and require a surrounding with drought-tolerant plants and cool decking materials? Or does your dream watering hole lush with plants that thrive in the shade?  Desire a whimsical touch?  We design and build fountains and water features as well.

If you’re making plans for summer or simply dreaming of diving into a serene swimming pool, we can help plan your luxurious escape!

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