La Chase au Bonheur

Inspired by the French farmhouses found across the Norman countryside, Chasse Au Bonheur is a charming one-story chateau featuring soaring cathedral ceilings and bespoke joinery throughout an open floor plan including a wood-paneled study, well-appointed wine bar, gourmet kitchen and four luxurious bedrooms.

A magical front entrance through a towering stone turret beckons visitor into an enchanting courtyard complete with a masonry fireplace and intimate seating area. The old world chimney—reminiscent of the open fires creates a play of verticality against the horizontal lines of the roof.

The central courtyard—providing serene views and natural light to the main living areas—strengthens the continuity between indoors and out, forming an inseparable part of this magnificent home.

Stepping inside, massive hand-hewn scissor beams stretch across the double-height ceiling in the grand living room contrasting with the softer ‘vegetal’ finishes of the home office and master bedroom that lend a softer and intimate feel to private areas.

Through a careful blend of rustic and modern elements, the programme for this stunning residence was defined to create the perfect private sanctuary while answering the singular demands of a family home in an atmosphere that is relaxed and comfortable, yet refined and timeless.

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