Where Do We Begin?

A Magical Journey

With so many things to consider and decisions to be made, the process of building a custom home can seem overwhelming. Sometimes, it can even seem difficult determining where to start or the right questions to ask. From design and permits to construction and finishing, we’re here to help!

When it comes to your new home, we want you to feel in control.  If you have questions, we have answers.  As we guide you through your homebuilding journey, we’ll keep you informed and up to speed while making the entire design-build process as fun, seamless and transparent as possible.

The Journey Begins

Getting Started

Successful project starts with a vision… and a budget. From concept development and design to the integration of stunning finishes and home automation, we carefully craft all our homes with this in mind.

Our process starts with you and how you live. We develop a functional floor plan based on your lifestyle while cultivating an effective overall design strategy. Your home is conceived, analyzed and planned around you, the site, the surrounding environment—and your budgetary goals.

Balancing Context & Modern Living


We not only consider your site and its surrounding, but the architectural heritage of the area to understand the landscape to which we are contributing.  As a result, our homes are a versatile, wide range of styles grounded in history, knowledge and tradition.

At the same time, we design for today’s lifestyles.  Through a well-organized orchestration of space and thoughtful attention to practical details, Sprouse House offers the best of style, comfort and modern convenience.  Designing rooms that flow into one another with specific consideration of how they receive furniture, art and your personal belongings is a measure of detail in which we take pride.

Our inspiring homes combine the best of scholarship, historic precedent, creative invention and modern taste.

An Integrated Approach to Design & Construction



Your building experience should be as exciting as the day you move-in. Step into a world of endless possibilities & start imagining. The first step is to dream!


You have lots of ideas. We’re excited to hear them. Our design process is focused on you—your family, your style, your budget, your ideal environment for living. Specifications, features & amenities are tailored to your unique needs.


No surprises. We create a detailed budget of your exact costs before we start construction. Operating & maintenance expenses are also considered to determine the ideal blend of quality, performance, efficiency & service.


On Time. On Budget. On Concept. Quality without compromise is our guarantee. We promise to finish in style. We’ll work with you even after you’ve moved-in to see that your new home exceeds all expectations!

It starts and ends with you.


Our personalized approach begins with you. We start with a conversation about your priorities, your lifestyle and your family needs.
We want to understand what inspires you and your vision for your new home. We’ll also discuss approximate square footage, usage patterns, your budget and a projected range of costs.

Very few people design and build their own home. We understand this is a big commitment. We want you to make an informed decision and be excited about working with us. When you’re ready, we’ll provide a simple pre-construction contract written in plain language—for architecture and engineering design. These services provide complete drawings, specifications and preliminary selections as well as foundation, structural and landscape designs.

Our team will guide you through all the complexities of custom home design. We’ll provide you with context and insight—including various cost considerations—for all the fun and sometimes difficult decisions. You’ll be led with creative and intelligent expertise through every aspect of your home—from room configurations and elevations to exterior materials, interior finishes and all the special details. With each private space, form and function thoroughly considered, we’ll finalize your plan and prepare a detailed cost estimate for construction.


At Sprouse House, attention to detail is fundamental—the small things are never overlooked. Although time-consuming, we believe detailed specification is highly important to the design, construction and function of your home. It is all too common that the significance of details is underestimated. It takes a combination of talented professionals and persistent monitoring to ensure all our projects achieve our high standards of finish. Our high standards demand precision and technical mastery, but also give gifted craftsman the opportunity to create something meaningful. We take pride in our work and so do our crews. The essence of a Sprouse House is in the detail.




Depending on the complexity of your home and your decisiveness, detailed architectural and engineering drawings can be completed in 5-6 months.
Soil tests necessary for foundation design are performed once the site and footprint of your house are fixed. Permits and approvals from architectural control and HOA review boards are obtained concurrent to the final structural design. Budgeting, planning and financial arrangements—including detailed take offs and cost estimates from our trades and vendors—usually require 4-6 weeks. Construction generally takes about 12-14 months. The entire process—from the time you commit to building a home to the day we give you the keys— usually takes ~18 months.


Pre-construction costs for architectural and engineering design are payable in 3 installments. Construction requires a 5% deposit and approximately 10-12 draws over the build period. Most of our contracts are fixed fee. We also offer cost plus agreements depending on the project. Normally, our fees are based on scope rather than square footage and generally fall in the median range compared to other luxury builders and architects.


There are many variables that can affect the cost of your home. We bring fluid understanding of construction costs to the design and engineering of your home – that’s how we make your budget go farther. Without that expertise and knowledge, too often homeowners are in the dark as to what can dramatically affect the feasibility and affordability of a design. We provide intelligent cost-based analysis to allow better decision-making and deliver greater value to our clients. Our goal is to make every dollar look like two! Call us—we’d love to share our knowledge of construction costs on anything from foundations, framing and millwork to roof types, masonry and appliances!

Still have questions? Want to find out more?


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