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Exquisite Hand-Crafted Homes

Specializing in the design and construction of one-of-a-kind homes, private estates & unique residential projects, Sprouse House has earned a reputation for tackling the toughest and most complex design & construction challenges.

From acclaimed specialty trim carpenters and expert stone fabricators to highly-skilled framers and artisan tile-installers—working with Sprouse House means you’re working with the best & brightest.

Built in Houston & Sugar Land’s most prestigious neighborhoods, the precision & execution of our homes is rivaled only by their superior function & performance.


A Unique Approach

After enduring frustration in their personal experience of building a family home, Dan and Kathy Sprouse reflected on how the complicated process of homebuilding could be simplified and improved.  Together, they conceived Sprouse House Custom Homes on the premise of bringing tougher all the necessary disciplines and capabilities to design and build luxury custom homes of the highest caliber in a more cost-effective and efficient way.

They saw an opportunity to address the incongruity between the design, construction and financial planning of custom homes.

“The union of our different experiences from different points-of-view formed the foundation of our interdisciplinary approach to homebuilding,” says Kathy.

“We are in the business of creating both aesthetic and economic value for our clients and homeowners,” adds Dan. “Our persistent goal was to leverage resources to deliver the greatest possible value to homeowners and clients—that every element of our homes would exceed expectations of design, performance and value.”


Passion & Integrity

We’re passionate about designing and building fine custom homes.  We build them one at a time.  Each home is a statement as unique as the families that live in them.

Building a dream home is a highly personal experience that requires significant financial & emotional investment.  Trust & transparency are important when making that type of commitment.

We love our work and homeowners allow us to share it.  Honest, authentic client relationships are fundamental to our business.   Our homes are built on trust.  We’ve built a reputation for quality & expertise, but honesty is what sets us apart.  Our passion and integrity are what homeowners & business partners appreciate most.  It is the foundation of our business.

A genuine all-inclusive solution for those seeking a truly custom home. From architecture, construction and interior design to site selection, pools and landscapes— Sprouse House provides personalized, hands-on attention to all your needs.

To ensure all our homes meet the highest standards of comfort, luxury and efficiency, we utilize the best of both proven construction techniques and cutting-edge science. Our Forward-thinking integration of technology and sustainability is seen in the superior performance and advanced automation of all our homes.

Our homes are built to last! Our reputation for timeless design, exceptional craftsmanship, and relentless attention to detail is well deserved.

Clear, consistent communication and total business transparency keep our clients up to date on project progress and well-informed for important decision-making. Schedules and billing are consistently updated and available so there are no unwelcome surprises.

We respect your budget and deliver greater value through process optimization, intelligent design and strategic partnerships with the best trades, vendors and industry partners. We bring a fluid understanding of construction methods and material costs to your design with the goal that every dollar spent looks like two!

Our cross-discipline team provides you with the best of focused expertise in all aspects of design, engineering and construction. We stay at the top of our field through constant efforts at improving our knowledge base and utilizing the best resources available.

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Adam Sprouse

Fresh Perspectives on Design & Architecture

Adam Sprouse got his first taste of building watching his parents build the home he grew up in.

As a young man, Sprouse had a passion for design, construction… and Legos.  Today, he finds less need to clamor for attention with bold colors and virtuoso shapes.  His interest in short-term visual effects has waned.  Now, his designs are characterized by their identity and reconcilability.  Influenced by eastern philosophy, the new space movement in modern Viennese architecture and contemporary Flemish design—his latest work is not about intellectual posturing or superficial ideas.  It’s about tangibility.

‘In design and in building, there is a much higher degree of difficulty in effectively achieving simplicity,’ says Sprouse.  ‘Precise and simple execution requires more planning, more skill, better materials and is therefore frequently more expensive—while also appearing to deliver less.  It’s a paradox that is difficult for many people to understand and accept.’

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by visual stimuli, it would be easy to describe Sprouse’s aesthetic as ‘minimalist’.  For him, it is more about the transformation of an idea into a real, surprising, visual whole where tactile enjoyment and visual experience reign supreme.

A graduate of Cornell University, Adam and has served on the board of the Custom Builders Council (CBC) and Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA).

Dan & Kathy Sprouse


Dan and Kathy Sprouse founded Sprouse House Custom Homes nearly twenty years ago and still remain active in the business.  Dan focuses on structural integrity and fiscal oversight while Kathy brings her creative vision and warm personal touch to client engagements.

After meeting as engineering students, Dan went on to complete his master’s and doctoral work in finance.  Dan’s financial expertise is unparalleled in the homebuilding industry and his engineering approach to construction is the perfect compliment to Kathy’s creativity.  Together they ensure everything is designed, planned and built with care and precision!


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Extraordinary Design. Innovative Construction. Reliable Performance.

Loyalty, integrity and commitment are at the core of family values we bring to our exclusive client engagements. Personally committed to uncompromising excellence, our family-owned and operated business accepts only a select few projects at a time. With a limited clientele, we devote our time and attention to what makes your family special. Our unique approach ensures your new home reflects the best of your personal style and substance.


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Inspiration Is Everywhere...

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Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

By Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 1900

We should attempt to bring nature, houses, and human beings together in a higher unity.

By Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
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